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                P-8: An Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Solution

                The Boeing P-8 is truly a multi-mission maritime patrol aircraft, excelling at anti-submarine warfare; anti-surface warfare; intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and search and rescue. The P-8 can fly higher (up to 41,000 ft) and get to the fight faster (490 knots). Shorter transit times reduce the size of the Area of Probability when searching for submarines, surface vessels or search and rescue survivors. P-8 is also designed for low altitude missions and has already proven its abilities supporting humanitarian and search and rescue missions. A proven system with more than 100 aircraft in service and over 300,000 flight hours. The P-8’s performance and reliability delivers confidence in an uncertain world — in any condition, anywhere, anytime.

                The P-8 has two variants: The P-8I, flown by the Indian Navy, and the P-8A Poseidon, flown by the U.S. Navy, the Royal Australian Air Force and the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force.

                The P-8 combines the most advanced weapon system in the world with the cost advantages of the most popular airliner on the planet. The P-8 shares 86% commonality with the commercial 737NG, providing enormous supply chain economies of scale in production and support. Boeing’s expertise in commercial fleet management and derivative aircraft sustainment provides customers with greater availability at a lower operational cost. The P-8 is engineered for 25 years/25,000 hours in the harshest maritime flight regimes, including extended operations in icing environments.

                P-8 Feature Stories

                A behind-the-scenes look at how the P-8 is assembled and delivered in Puget Sound

                The making of a P-8

                December 11, 2020 in Defense

                A behind-the-scenes look at how the P-8 is assembled and delivered in Puget Sound

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                U.S. Navy receives its 100th 'sub hunter'

                U.S. Navy receives its 100th 'sub hunter'

                May 18, 2020 in defense

                May 14, 2020, the U.S. Navy received its 100th P-8A aircraft from Boeing as the global fleet, which also includes the Indian navy and the Australian and U.K. air forces, approaches 300,000 flight hours of hunting submarines and providing aerial reconnaissance capabilities around the world.

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                U.S. Navy awards $1.5 billion order for P-8A aircraft

                U.S. Navy awards $1.5 billion order for P-8A aircraft

                May 18, 2020 in defense

                March 30, 2020, the U.S. Navy awarded Boeing a $1.5 billion production contract for the next 18 P-8A Poseidon aircraft. The contract includes eight aircraft for the U.S. Navy, six aircraft for the Republic of Korea Navy and four aircraft for the Royal New Zealand Air Force.

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                Boeing delivers first P-8A Poseidon to United Kingdom's Royal Air Force

                Boeing delivers first P-8A Poseidon to United Kingdom's Royal Air Force

                November 11, 2019 in Defense

                The U.K.s Royal Air Force received the first of nine P-8A Aircraft, slated to respond to “profound challenges” around the United Kingdom.

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                First Boeing P-8A Poseidon for United Kingdom takes flight

                First Boeing P-8A Poseidon for United Kingdom takes flight

                July 23, 2019 in Defense

                First of nine P-8A Poseidon aircraft completes assembly and makes its first flight. Next stop: addition of military systems.

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                P-8 Videos

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                P-8 Support

                Leveraging worldwide logistics, maintenance and training support systems, Boeing provides superior sustainment solutions to support the unparalleled capabilities of the P-8 aircraft.

                Designed to provide high levels of fleet availability while reducing life-cycle cost, Boeing’s P-8 support capabilities leverage commercial program solutions – including supply chain, global support, field service, data/tech publications, spares and repairs, modifications and retrofits – to offer tailored, affordable solutions.

                By utilizing Boeing’s existing commercial supply chain infrastructure and maintenance, repair and overhaul service relationships, P-8 sustainment solutions offer reduced program costs and availability risks to enable fleet operational readiness. Joint support teams result in improved readiness through rapid issues resolution, reliability improvement and top degrader management.

                Boeing’s expertise in derivative aircraft sustainment and commercial fleet management provides customers with greater availability at lower operating costs, and the availability to leverage the integration of Boeing’s commercial and defense aerospace capabilities.

                P-8 Quick Facts

                Technical Specifications

                Wingspan 123.6 ft 37.64 m
                Height 42.1 ft 12.83 m
                Length 129.6 ft 39.50 m
                Propulsion thrust, each CFM-56-7BE (2)
                27,300 lb
                121.4 kN
                Max speed 490 kt
                564 mi/h
                459+ ktas
                907 km/h
                Ceiling 41,000 ft 12,496 m
                MGTW 189,200 lb 85,820 kg
                Range 1,200+ nm >4 hr time on station, 2,225+ km
                Weapon stores compatibility 129 A-size sonobuoys
                Survival kit

                P-8 Customers

                The United States Navy, the Royal Australian Air Force and the UK’s Royal Air Force currently fly the P-8A Poseidon variant; the Indian Navy flies the P-8I variant. The Royal Norwegian Air Force, the Royal New Zealand Air Force and the Republic of Korea Navy have also selected the P-8A as their future maritime patrol aircraft.

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                P-8 Product Card