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                Creating tomorrow’s solutions today

                Boeing Phantom Works is building the future ? creating innovative solutions that will define the next generation of aerospace and defense. We lead the company's modeling and simulation efforts so our customers can analyze future needs and technology gaps in a measurable environment.

                By taking bold risks and leveraging expertise from across Boeing and our partners, Boeing Phantom Works offers disruptive solutions and advanced technologies that matter to our customers and the world.

                While Boeing Phantom Works conjures intrigue with its “black” projects and products, our team works on much more than just proprietary and classified programs. We view “it can’t be done” as a challenge. Building on our legacy of producing revolutionary products like the Bird of Prey, X-45A, X-37, X-51A Waverider, Phantom Ray, Phantom Eye, and more recently T-X and MQ-25, Boeing Phantom Works sees a better, brighter future, designs it, and brings it to life.

                Boeing Phantom Works is pushing the boundaries of what can be, to what will be, and investing in the right technology today. We are rapidly connecting the present and the future – one innovative idea at a time.


                Phantom Works logo

                Programs & Capabilities

                • Picture of sunrise from space.


                • Picture of aircraft in flight.

                  Next Generation Air

                • Picture of satellite in space.


                • Picture of Vertical Lift aircraft in flight.

                  Vertical Lift

                • Virtual Warfare Center Personnel.

                  Virtual Warfare Center

                • Picture of missile launch.


                • Picture of earth from space.

                  Multi-Domain Operations

                • Picture of personnel in an immersive environment.

                  Immersive Development Center

                Global Footprint

                Infographic detailing worldwide Phantom Works presence.

                Join Phantom Works

                Picture of Brian Carbrey in immersive environment.

                “In our Immersive Development Environment, we created a setting where people can enter into a virtual reality as an avatar. It allows us to interact in real-time with products that may or may not already be built, with people all over the globe.”


                Brian Carbrey

                Systems Engineer
                St. Louis, Missouri

                Dreaming of what the future will be like? Come create it! We are inventors, builders, designers, creators, architects and dreamers—making the impossible possible. Let us know if you're interested in partnering with us on this journey.




                  All about that tank

                  All about that tank

                  November 14, 2018 in Space

                  Composite tank fabrication signals next step to completing Phantom Express

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                  It’s Official: Boeing Wins T-X!

                  It’s Official: Boeing Wins T-X!

                  September 27, 2018 in Defense

                  U.S. Air Force selects Boeing T-X as its new advanced pilot training aircraft.

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                  Boeing Completes Acquisition of Millennium Space Systems

                  Boeing Completes Acquisition of Millennium Space Systems

                  September 25, 2018 in News

                  Combined capabilities will provide customers with advanced small-satellite technologies and flexible solutions

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                  U.S. Navy Awards Boeing $805 million MQ-25 Contract

                  U.S. Navy Awards Boeing $805 million MQ-25 Contract

                  August 30, 2018 in News

                  Boeing will provide the carrier-based unmanned aerial refuelers to extend the range of deployed fighters

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                  Boeing Shares Sneak Peek of Aerial Refueler for MQ-25 Competition

                  Boeing Shares Sneak Peek of Aerial Refueler for MQ-25 Competition

                  December 19, 2017 in News

                  Unmanned refueling aircraft is completing engine runs, testing

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                  Second T-X Takes Flight

                  Second T-X Takes Flight

                  April 25, 2017 in Defense

                  The second Boeing T-X completes its first flight in St. Louis

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                  Boeing T-X Takes Off

                  Boeing T-X Takes Off

                  December 21, 2016 in Defense

                  The first production-ready T-X completes its first flight

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                  Boeing T-X Sees the Light

                  Boeing T-X Sees the Light

                  September 13, 2016 in Defense

                  Not one, but two aircraft unveiled in St. Louis

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