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                One Purpose | Mission Connectivity

                Boeing Commercial Satellite Services (BCSS) delivers satellite communications to our partners operating on land, sea, and in air. We offer secure, scalable, military-grade solutions that are flexible and responsive to dynamic mission needs.

                WGS AUGMENTATION
                END USER OWNERSHIP


                Boeing Benefits

                Rapid Response

                Provides a rapid response to contingency operations without having to divert other resources.

                Augments WGS Capacity

                Enables a greater number of DoD users seamless, resilient, global satellite capacity for critical communications.


                Fully compatible with ARSTRAT certified terminals, enabling DoD forces to use the I-5 capability interchangeably with WGS.

                Leadership Team

                Jeof McAllister

                Jeof McAllister

                Vice President
                Boeing Commercial Satellite Services
                Boeing Satellite Systems International Inc.

                Jeof McAllister is the vice president of Boeing Commercial Satellite Services. As the leader of this services unit within Boeing Satellite Systems International, he oversees a team of sales, marketing, technical and customer service personnel responsible for the development of innovative solutions for satellite customers by marketing commercial satellite telecommunications services to the U.S. government and other satellite users.

                Donald M. Mackenzie

                Donald M. Mackenzie

                Director of Operations
                Boeing Commercial Satellite Services

                Don MacKenzie is the Director of Operations for Boeing Commercial Satellite Services (BCSS), a position he was named to in 2011. BCSS develops innovative solutions for satellite customers by marketing commercial satellite telecommunications services to the U.S. government and other satcom users. MacKenzie is responsible the formulation and execution of BCSS’ strategies and objectives, and oversees operations, finance, procurement and contracts functions.

                Rhoan Boucher

                Rhoan Boucher

                Director of Global Sales
                Boeing Commercial Satellite Services

                As Director of Global Sales for Boeing Commercial Satellite Services, Rhoan Boucher manages a team that delivers bandwidth to government and commercial end users. Prior to his current role, Rhoan led the capture team for Boeing’s Weapons Division, focused primarily on directed energy. He joined Boeing in 2016. Prior to Boeing, Rhoan supported several missile programs for the Navy. He is a Navy veteran.

                Contact Us

                Inquiries? Drop us a line via email: bcssmarketing@boeing.com

                929 Long Bridge Drive
                Arlington, VA 22202